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Use Fat Pings For Best Content Curation

Use Fat Pings For Best Content Curation

use fat pings for best content curationWhen you publish new content on your website, you want Google to know about it right away.  Matt Cutts, one of Google’s most public employees, recently advised everyone to use fat pings for best content curation.  Actually, he suggests ALL your content be spread via “fat pings”.

Here’s an article from Digital Inspiration that tells you more of the details.  If you are using a wordpress blog, just do what he says and get the fat pings plugin.

Use Fat Pings For Best Content Curation

When you publish an article on your blog, the RSS feed is updated and everyone subscribed to that feed will instantly know that there’s something new worth checking out on your blog.

A majority of your blog feed subscribers will be human beings who are genuinely interested in reading your articles but some bots may also be watching your feed and their only intention is to scrap web content and republish it on to their own website.

These content scraping bots can sometimes confuse search engines. You write a story on your website and, because of these bots, a dozen sites manage to copy that story word-by-word often within seconds of you hitting the publish button. You can add links in the feed to say that you are the original author but scrapers can easily remove them with a simple preg_replace. What next?

Google engineer Matt Cutts, during his keynote at PubCon 2011, suggested that website owners set up fat pings which essentially means that you inform Google about new content as soon as you publish it on the web. And since it’s a fat ping, you just don’t inform Google but also send them the entire content of your blog post.

How do you Setup Fat Pings?

If your blog is hosted on Blogger or on WordPress.com, you don’t have to do anything as they are already Pubsubhubbub enabled. That is, when you publish a blog post, it will instantly ping Google and that is a strong signal that you are the original author.

WordPress users on self hosted sites may install this plug-in to let Google know in real-time that your blog has been updated. However, if you are using a caching plugin, make sure that you disable feed caching else Google’s hub won’t see your updated feed content. Original story here.

As you know, I curate more than a few websites.

Now that I use fat pings for best content curation, not only do my posts show up in the Google search results right away, another benefit is they are showing up much faster and more frequently in google alerts.


************* Update- November 18, 2011 *************

My curated content is now appearing almost always in google alerts, whereas before it was hit and miss.  This alone is worth installing the plugin.


Update November 19, 2011

Ok.. if you want to learn more about fat pings and Pub Sub Rubby Dub, watch the video below.    But perhaps knowing three points below will be good enough for you.

1. Google wants you to do this.

2. Google will reward you for doing this.

3. It’s super-easy, just install the plugin (see above)


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  1. jeff says:

    (www.jampartyconnections.com – Main website – currently rebuilding to WordPress)


    I dont have a lot of content but do plan on adding more, I am concerned about people stealing my articles. I recently found some articles posted on other websites, claiming they were the original author. They ended up getting credit for my original content that I paid for instead of me.

    I have been reading about fat pings and installed the plug (pubsubhubbub) on my WordPress mobile site – m.jampartyconnections.com. I also noticed in the settings tab under writing tab, their is a updated service that defaults to http://rpc.pingomatic.com/. Should I delete this code (http://rpc.pingomatic.com/) from the updated service box because the pubsubhubbub plug-in will now do all the data alerts for me?

    Not sure you know the answer but thought I would ask!


  2. Romy Macias says:

    This video makes PubSubHubBub easier to understand!
    Romy Macias

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