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Digital Curation: Human Input Required

Digital Curation: Human Input Required

curation services - eric rumseyHere is a mini-review of Rosenbaum’s Curation Nation from librarian and blogger Eric Rumsey, writing on a blog for the University of Iowa.

Rumsey stresses the point that great curation requires human input,
and this is something all of us here at Curation Services.com are fervent believers in.


There are many passages in the book on this theme. I’ll quote a few here from Rosenbaum’s introductory comments to give the flavour (boldface added):

(p 3-4) Curation is about adding value from humans … Curation is very much the core shift in commerce, editorial, and communities that require highly qualified humans. Humans aren’t extra, or special, or enhancements; humans are curators. They do what no computer can possibly achieve.

(p 12-13) No longer is the algorithm in charge. Human curators have become essential software. What emerges is new human and computer collaboration  … The important news of the emergence of a Curation Nation is that humans are very much back in charge.

Rosenbaum’s emphasis on the importance of humans especially strikes me because that’s also been a major theme of this blog, starting with the first article in the blog, on the importance of human input for organizing pictures. Other articles on the theme are listed in the category human input.

A subject that’s closely connected to human input and to curation, that Rosenbaum also stresses, and that I’ve written about (category: Pattern Recognition), is the quintessentially human capability of pattern recognition.   Read the original article here

Do you agree?

Is human input required, or does a service like Google News work for you?

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