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Blog Curation, Content Curation–Great Overview

Blog Curation, Content Curation–Great Overview

Francis Flynn Thorson presents a really solid overview of some of the best content curation articles published recently.

Arianna Huffington started a WordPress blog a few years ago. She found lots of people who are willing to write for free, and she curated content from everywhere on the Web. Recently she sold  her blog, Huffington Post, to AOL for $315 million. They pay her an additional $1 million a year to stay onboard.

Posting links to third-party sites leads to 33% more clicks, according to recent studies. There is increasing discussion online about content curation trends

Content Curation Best Practices

The proliferation of the Internet has transformed the way we create, publish and distribute content. Think about the pre-Internet era when companies were at the.

New Research Finds the Curation vs Creation Sweet Spot

Argyle Social studied 150000 tweets and status updates to determine the best ratio for content curation vs content creation. This act of finding good content and sharing it is known as content curation. Contrast this with

Scoop, Pin, Or Bundle Content. Curation Sites Make It Easy

Whatever you do with it, content curation is a reflection of you and your tastes. It seems like many content gathering sites are in beta mode across the web right now, so we can probably expect a quick proliferation of them once

Content Curation. 5 Ways to Succeed, Eventually |

Content curation is the art and science of finding and sharing quality content on a specific topic. Curation helps you build an audience. You then have a larger group of people with whom to share your own content, and who

Scoop.it: reinventing content curation and development

Scoop.it is working to make it easier to curate content and share that content with your friends via a beautiful magazine. Here Guillaume Decugis, CEO talks to me about social media content and trends he’s seeing develop. 

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